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It was 1897. I was a boy at the time of the outbreak. During that time, all hell broke loose. there were horrible monsters roaming the streets in search of people. Innocent people none the less. And when they found someone, they killed them. They ate people day and night none stop. Most of us went into hiding, most of us. By the time we reached mining city almost everyone in our twenty man group was either dead or one of them. but i didn't think there was much of a difference. The remaining four were Johnny stash the meanest man you'll ever meet, Jane parker a sweet girl but when it came to medical treatment she came recommended highly, then there was Gavin Pressler he was so strong i swear he cold pick up a pull and throw it over a mountain, and then of course there was me, i wasn't strong i wasn't mean and i wasn't very special in any way i knew at the time, but i could read, write, spell , and i was smart. so they started to call me brains. that seemed to be it for me. I didn't think i would survive in the city. I thought i would be the first to go. Thats why i stayed behind everyone. When we entered the city there weren't any creatures at the main gate. what i had decided to call the monsters was walkers because the looked like undead things that were once again walking among us. so by the time we reached the gate we heard horrible screams come from within the city. they didn't sound human. Johnny started to chuckle and he said "sounds like were going to have fun in there" i let out a silent fearful gasp as he continued to chuckle. before i knew it the others had already opened the gate and were a few steps into the city so i ran after them. we were on a street called lonely street.
this area of the city seemed like it was the poor part of the city. "I thought i heard something"  said Gavin and he was rite. of in the distance we all saw three figures. In a sudden flash johnny pulled out his silver revolvers and opened fire on the three figures and we heard screams of pain. But they didn't sound like a walker. They sounded like more people.

there will be a part 2 if there are enough favorites
a prehistoric zombie outbreak
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October 11, 2011
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